Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center

Design services for the phased relocation and expansion of an existing pharmacy to meet current USP 800 regulations.

New pharmacy designed in the basement of a 4 story tower which created a unique challenge for routing both the exhaust and supply ventilation systems from the roof down to the basement. In order to minimize disruption to current hospital operations and not sacrifice space for a mechanical chase within the hospital, the design solution was centered on utilizing a narrow cavity between two building towers. A solution that required precise detailing and a high degree of collaboration with the engineers and contractor.

The solution for the clean rooms involved the use of a two inch thick modular honeycomb aluminum panel clean room system selected by the pharmacist to emulate the sterile environments of drug manufacturers. The advantage was the sterile, clean environment the client was looking for but the challenge was in the OSHPD approval process. The process required close collaboration with OSHPD the engineers as well as the clean room panel system vendor/installer.