Riverside Community Hospital

Haynes & Oakley provided complete architectural services including master planning for the expansion of the Emergency Department at Riverside Community Hospital in Riverside, California. The project includes a renovation and expansion of the Emergency Department within the existing building. The project includes a rework of the entire department and the circulation and includes 25 new treatment positions, including 8 rapid medical evaluation, 5 triage, 8 exam/treatment rooms, 2 secured holding and 2 airborne infection rooms to add to the existing 5 trauma rooms, and 30 general emergency treatment positions. The project also includes new waiting rooms, toilets, nurse stations, radiology room, disaster prep areas, staff lounges and other support spaces and was designed to be built in three phrases, allowing the Emergency Department to remain in operation at all times during construction. A full cosmetic upgrade was provided to the entire emergency department to bring the department up to the new patient tower standard.

The design focused on the facilities goal for rapid evaluation, reduced wait times and analytical monitoring of key indicators. The conveyance concept was developed whereby patients would move between treatment and diagnostic areas through internal rapid evaluation and results pending waiting zones allowing the patients capacity to be maximized and the patients given the feeling that they are moving  rapidly through a comprehensive high-quality treatment process.